a space for co-creating



Together we can turn ideas and visions into reality. 

Everything started with a serendipitous conversation in Esalen on the West Coast of California. It then transformed into a contagious idea on an Island near Stockholm, and what was a raw vision just a few months ago has now become reality today here in Berlin.

We are excited to open our doors and welcome you to our new home - the cocreation.loft.

It’s a place for new ideas, a space for personal development, a room for exploring innovative ways of working and a homebase for system changers to make a difference in society.

We look forward to seeing you soon.



From doing to being. Exploring new ways of working together. 

In a world that’s increasingly disconnected the cocreation.loft is a place to not only to work but to grow, be inspired and to belong.

Together, we’re on a quest to help each other live more meaningful, connected and vital lives. No sleepwalking, no fluff, no delusion or confusion. We’re about living in the real world, pursuing our good lives in a way that is powerful and inspired, yet also sustainable and practical.

That's why we are exploring new ways on how to include meditation practices, mindfulness and deeper inner work into our daily routines here at the loft. 


Pop in for a coffee - we are looking forward to hear from you!

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