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We are a group of 12 people who belong to the second generation of people working with a social technology called ‘Theory U’ or ‘presencing’. Inspired by action research and mindfulness practice, our work emphasises whole-system approaches, connection to individual and collective purpose and swift action from this place of alignment.

We support Presencing Institute in the work of leveraging the potential of Theory U and we are supported by PI in developing our capacity as Presencing facilitators and change makers. Our individual work spans micro- and macro levels and all continents. Together, putting together what each of us contributes, we research and co-create pathways towards awareness-based collective action. One of our projects is to host a "Convergence Gathering" in Scotland of people who are working towards developing a society for the wellbeing of all and using theory u practices to do this. 

During our time together in the in Berlin, we surfaced a great number of questions around this intention and how we would take it forward as an action group. For a second project we are working on in New York, we've been incubating a young women's leadership program for the last seven years. During the time together co-creating with this groupwe began to imagine what running an organization like this in a generative way could mean. How could we restructure and remodel the organizational framework to invite in the work and projects our group members are doing and interested in? We looked at what would need to change and action steps to take projects like this to a conscious global scale.