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We live in truly exciting times. The complexity of our personal and professional lives calls many of us to change our perspectives and behaviors. This process brings many unconscious or even shadow elements to the surface (e.g. stress, overworking, addictive behaviors, relationship issues, …) and can leave us feeling reactive, imperfect and raw.

And at the same time we feel called to show ourselves more prominently in the world, take more leadership and step on a larger stage with the gifts we have to bring to contribute to our evolutionary journey as humanity.


To hold this tension more than 30 participants followed the invitation and joined The Cocoon Experience for a facilitated evening of intimate connection, collective sense making and community at the on March 14th. The intention was to create a safe space that allowed each participant to show themselves fully with all of who they are and without masks.


When the caterpillar feels the evolutionary pressure to transform, it builds a cocoon and retreats into this safe space. Almost the whole organism goes mushy and new cells form – so called imago cells. First, they are attacked by the immune system of the caterpillar. Only once they form clusters and connect with each other, they stand a chance to survive. These imago cells then enable the emergence of a new being – the butterfly.


Following that metaphor, The Cocoon Experience created a safe environment of allowance and acceptance where many experienced a deep sense of community and shared responsibility to shape this transition we are in individually and collectively.


Guided by the host, Jonathan Klodt the flow of the evening was designed to guide everyone into a state of safety and relaxation where it was okay to open up deeply. The atmosphere in the group changed tangibly already after the first introduction round and even more after the first intimate group exercises.


But the intention was not only to have a warm sense of care and support but to also bring in our gifts. We all have a unique contribution and everyone is needed to share their talent and inspiration to create this global transformation. Based on a very intuitive exercise, each participant had the opportunity to explore their gift and how to share it more effectively with the world. A brief coaching session in front of the group created an experience of how quickly transformation can occur in one person.


About Cocoon

Cocoon is a powerful community formed around a three-month group-coaching program that will support you to bring into life your big dream. It will start on April 11th and will take place at the

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